Your supplier of PCBs and Electronic solutions

Established in 1996, Tamtec is a UK-based electronics manufacturer, offering customers quality solutions across many disciplines from high performance multi-layer PCBs through to LED luminaires. We currently produce, assemble and test PCB's for a wide range of sectors and customers, from office and education to industrial and urban lighting. With recent investments totalling over £0.75M, Tamtec can manufacture high performance PCB’s, including the ability to place components down to 01005 (0402) through to large complex BGAs on boards of up to 1.5m in length.

Our vast experience, combined with investment in quality manufacturing processes, allows us to offer a competitive component procurement, assembly and testing package, from simple production orders to complex and bespoke electronics products. We supply cost effective solutions, ensuring on-time delivery and consistent high quality, as well as providing excellent service and support to help our customers through every step of the process. Based close to the heart of the UK allows us to deliver timely solutions small batch productions through to large production runs.