Tamtec manufacturing
Tamlite's £0.5M+ investment in LED circuit board production adds
weight to its 'Best of British' initiative

Delivering 'Best of British' technology to the very heart of its lighting technologies has long been an initiative pursued by Tamlite Lighting – one of the UK's largest privately owned lighting manufacturers. Now, the company has announced the culmination of £0.5M+ investment in its own UK production facility to manufacture high performance LED printed circuit boards (PCBs).

This significant investment is further proof of Tamlite's continued commitment to its Best of British initiative – a philosophy which demonstrates the company's pledge to homegrown innovation and high standards of quality and service.

Manufactured under the Tamtec brand, the LED circuit boards will enable Tamlite's product design team to respond even more quickly to the fast-moving changes in LED product technology. For Tamlite's luminaire brands, the ability to source high quality circuit boards from its own UK-based in-house supplier, will help to cut lead times for product manufacture and development across much of the product range.

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Quality assured

The Tamtec facility benefits from the very latest advances in surface mount and associated technologies for single and double sided PCB production.

Quality control remains paramount and fully-automated production processes mean that the need for manual handling of each board is virtually eliminated.

Wider investments

The investment in the Tamtec facility is part of a much wider wave of commitment to further strengthen the company's offer to customers. In the last three years, Tamlite has spent over £4 million on product research and development. This figure is in addition to a £500K+ investment in its showrooms during 2015/16.

Natural extension to ‘Best of British'

Commenting on the investment in the Tamtec facility, Colin Lawson, Head of Sales, Marketing and Product Development said:

"We are proud of our British roots and our continued commitment to our UK R&D and manufacturing. Our investment in our Tamtec facility is a natural extension to this. We are only too aware that LED product development – be it innovations in terms of output, colour, or design – is advancing rapidly. We have to be able to respond to this in a seamless way. Our UK-based product design team can now work alongside our own PCB designers to ensure our LED customers will always benefit from the most efficient, effective and finely-tuned lighting available."